Matthew & Uduak

My husband and I got married in June 2012. I being a recent graduate (as of May 2012), and my husband still being in school in his undergraduate studies, it goes without saying that we were planning the wedding on a tight budget. Also, we didn’t have much time to plan the wedding. I got engaged in February and married in June! Of the same year!!

To make matters a little more complex I am an Immigrant and I wanted a part of my culture integrated into the wedding. Tara stepped into the wedding planner role so effortlessly. She was the kind soul and calm focus I needed when my head began to spin on how much details go into a wedding!! There were times when I literally just wanted to cry but she was always there somehow to offer a solution. From finding the best deals to having my best interest at heart in all aspects of the wedding. She embodied the role of an efficient, organized and professional wedding planner!

She worked with the budget we had and kept us on track when we began to stray off that budget. She was very detailed and organized in the scheduling, making sure that everything behind the scenes were held together primly, that’s because planning and organizing comes as a natural talent to Tara.
The day went smoothly and a big part of it we owe to Tara. Thanks so much for making our day both lovely and relaxing. I will highly recommend her services for any event planning!

Photo provided courtesy of Mandy Jo Photography